Thursday, 4 September 2014

#Gumroad Loot! & @Gumroad #Art #Tut #List

In this post I'm going to list all the people selling #Gumroad #Art tutorials that I know of, and a couple of threads with good lists to boot. I love all these artists, and what they are doing with their lives. They are open, honest, skilled and hard working people.

(Gumroad list Updated: 13 addition Jan/16)
(Gumroad list Updated: 12 additions Feb/16)
(Patreon    list Updated: 6 additions Feb/16)
(Gumroad list Updated: 11 additions Mar/16)
(Patreon list Updated: 4 additions Mar/16)
(Gumroad list Updated: 5 addition Apr/16)
(Patreon list Updated: 1 addition Apr/16)
(Gumroad list Updated: 1 addition 05/05/16)
(Gumroad list Updated: 2 addition 07/05/16)
(Gumroad list Updated: 1 addition 09/05/16)
(Gumroad list Updated: 1 addition 10/05/16)
(Gumroad list Updated: 2 addition 11/05/16)
(Gumroad list Updated: 22 additions 13/07/16)

Couple of hubs for other lists

Concept Artists/Designers
 (some inc' 3D tuts, no medium is mutually exclusive)
Illustrators, Comic artists / Concept artists (again people are multi-skilled so.)
  • David Kaye - Illustrator/Concept artist (coming soon)
Creature/Character Art & other 3D art
  • Michael Knowland - 3D Artist  (including a quadruped) 
    Brush Packs & Vertex & Ebooks & Others (Practical effects/Web)
    • Alami Khalil - Unreal 4 Assets
    • Tyler Bartley - Concept Artist -  (New addition 15/04/16) 
    • Jomaro Kindred - Simple City Comic - (New addition 25/03/16) 

    (Ill update this, as I see them/notified about them)

    Now go learn, and be awesome. Cheers creators.

    Big shout out to Steve and the team at @Gumroad. Really nice people over there in San Francisco, CA. The best in fact. I helped them with something which was really no big deal, and the team generously sent me some thank you loot! Thanks very much for the thought, you didn't have to :).

    Check out that embossed Moleskine, I've never seen a custom one before. Shyp were the local shipping company used to get it over here to the UK, superb job.